“To develop anti-cancer medicine and cancer therapy with high efficacy and minimum risk of adverse events, and to win the war against cancer”

OncoTherapy Science, Inc. (OTS) was founded in 2001 as a university-launched venture company aiming to research and develop anti-cancer medicines and cancer therapies. It is based on the outcomes from the cancer genomics research targeting oncogenes and proteins by Yusuke Nakamura, a former director of the Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo.

Chemotherapy commonly used in clinical setting for cancer patients often causes severe adverse events to patients due to their strong cytotoxicity not only to cancer cells but also to normal cells. Our aim is the development of innovative anti-cancer medicines and cancer-specific serum diagnostic markers to improve the patients’ clinical benefit. To develop effective molecular targeted drugs without serious adverse events, we identified cancer-specific genes which highly expressed in cancer cells but not in normal or vital organs that are essential for life based on comprehensive gene expression information in human cancers and normal organs.

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