Drug Discovery

to win the war against cancer

Medicinal Discovery Research utilizing
Cancer-Specific-Gene Expression Data

OTS have already identified a number of cancer-specific-genes that would be applicable for development of molecular-targeted anti-cancer therapies. OTS has been pursuing the medicinal discovery research with understanding the subcellular localization, mode of function, and immunogenicity of the target cancer-specific-genes.

Contributing to Precision
Medicine through
TCR-sequencing Analysis

Our service offers comprehensive analysis of TCR repertoire from blood and tissue samples using next generation sequencing technology. A detailed data analysis will be performed. We ensure that we will perform this service consistently, from sample preparation to delivering results.

More Efficacious
and Safer Cancer Treatments

Pursuing “To develop anti-cancer medicine and anti-cancer therapy with high efficacy and minimum risk of adverse events, and to win the war against cancer”, OTS has been conducting research and development, by collaborating with Professor Yusuke Nakamura, a genomics pioneer.

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